How My Passion for Drag Racing Began
My husband suggested that we go to the 2008 Nationals to watch the top fuel cars at Firebird Raceway. I have seen the drags once before in 2005, but I was unable to enjoy them due to a painful impacted wisdom tooth.

John Force Funny Car ChampionAt that time, I was an involved with Internet Marketing and I used videos to promote my business on YouTube so I thought it would be great to get videos of those 300mph cars. I filmed many dragsters and funny cars that attempted to qualify. I was not familiar with many of the racers, but my husband knew many of the drivers since he's been a longtime drag racing fan and he raced in the 70's. My husband said John Force (Photo Left) is the most recognized and accomplished driver.

During the event, I was able to get footage of John racing Ashley. His daughter Ashley, is currently not racing due to the care of 2 young kids, but may race again in the future. John's youngest daughter's Courtney and Brittany still race. I was also fortunate to get John's autograph. I really didn’t know much about John Force except that he was well known and adored by many drag racing fans.

I wanted to see more drag racing so we went the Nationals at Las Vegas in April 2008. I really enjoyed it since we were able to camp at the event. An entire weekend of racing is something everyone should experience. My husband and I continue to attend many drag racing events throughout the year. We regularly attend the Winternationals and Finals in Pomona, CA, the Nationals in Las Vegas, and the Nationals at Wild Horse Pass in Chandler, AZ.

My First Experience Drag Racing
I have gone 100mph+ in boats and sandrails so I decided to give my INFINITI G37 a run at Firebird's (Now "Wild Horse Pass") "Run What You Brung Night". After a few nights of getting familiar with the light (tree) and doing 14.2 @102mph, I wanted to go faster. I decided to get a dragster which was designed for the track and would definitely be fast!

In 2008, I ran this 265" Spitzer Dragster with a Big Block Chevy 540 Cubic Inch engine @ 850hp. My fastest pass was 8.05 @ 165mph. Watch my passes. The dragster was much different than my INFINITI G37s. It's not just gas and go. I had experienced tire spin and the dragster veered towards the center very quickly. Drag racing "seat time" teaches you the feel of the car and eventually you will be able to anticipate tire spin. I no longer drag race personally, but I still enjoy being a spectator.

Tara's Spitzer DragsterJOHN FORCE HOLIDAY CAR SHOW - 2008
Lots of cars and tons of people. I met Jay Leno with my parrot Paulie.

Jay Leno, Tara & Paulie